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Westside Builders, LLC is a family run business specializing in additions, renovations, and remodeling projects that are marked by the quality woodwork found in historic homes. Westside Builders was founded by Bill Levleit, a journeyman carpenter who has been developing his craft for more than twenty years. He gained much of his experience working on Ann Arbor’s Old West Side, where he observed the need for a building company that was able to provide the highly detailed craftsmanship needed to preserve the charm of older homes while addressing the functional needs of today’s families. Rather than destroying older homes, Bill saw the need to restore. At the same time he saw that the challenges of remodeling were particularly hard on the homeowner who appreciated his availability, design insights, guidance, and attention to their needs. With these goals in mind Bill has put together a close team of skilled craftsmen who share these values.

Westside Builders is known for working closely with the homeowner and architect to develop additions and remodeling projects that result in a seamless blending of the old and new. When appropriate, Westside Builders can provide a full range of design services. It is our belief that many projects that aim to maintain the historic integrity of the home benefit from an architect with specialized knowledge of historic architecture.

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