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513 Fourth Street - Then & Now
Circa 1900

Winter 1953

Saved from demolition
Fall 2006

Renovation progress
July 2007
For years this house stood in neglect, slowly deteriorating to the point where some believed that demolition was the only answer. Little remained to show that this had once been the well maintained home of Herman and Mary Voltz during the early part of the 20th century or the Miller family during the post WWII baby boom.  In the fall of 2006, the neighborhood came before the Historic Commission and expressed united opposition to one builder’s request to demolish the home and build a large duplex in its place. After defeat, Westside Builders purchased the home. With the support of the neighborhood residents, Westside Builders received the Historic Commission’s unanimous approval for its renovation plan commenting on the heroic efforts that were being made to save the home.

One of the most interesting architectural features of this house is the “market” addition. While bakeries and markets were once common home-based businesses, little architectural evidence of these structures have survived. Although neighborhood residents affectionately refer to it as the “market,” both common knowledge or City records fail to show that a market or business ever existed at that location. Still the extra large second entrance, parapet wall, and uncovered framing for a very large window provide strong architectural evidence supporting that it had once been a market.  Today the market offers flexibility of space for a home office, bedroom suite, or recreation space.

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