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It’s Green!
All the windows in the house were replaced with high efficiency thermal windows and
Icynene expanding foam insulation was applied to provide an energy efficient and airtight envelope.

Every bit of wiring was replaced. This 200 amp service panel replaced the old 60 amp fuse box and the house was wired for cable and ethernet.

Like every "new" house, this one was given new ductwork, furnace, water heater, and central air.

Copper freshwater plumbing was installed all the way from the street to the faucets, and all drain piping was done with PVC.
The balloon framing, typical of houses built during the early 20th century, was a fire hazard as flames could race from the basement to the attic in a matter of moments. In keeping with modern buiding codes, the framing was upgraded with fireblocking and firecaulk. This house now meets all current fire codes for all systems including hardwired smoke detectors making it safer than the vast majority of homes on the Old West Side

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